Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Lies of the Darkness...

Faith is a private thing and people kinda get offended so I don't think I should have to share my faith.  It's all about being cool, I mean who doesn't want to be cool! As long as I am a good person it doesn't really matter what I watch, listen to, or read. It's a good thing that there are shows and channels made for teens that teach us about safe sex and stuff that is really important to us. It really doesn't matter who or what I worship.

This is how darkness rules the hearts of youth. Are you trapped in any of these lies? Are you living your life saying that you are a christian but yet you still believe these things. Get out of  "Satan's" youth and into something better. Get into a movement and live for something that is bigger then yourself. Live for the king who had no army and won no military battles, yet kings feared him and he conquered the world.

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  1. It's amazing what people think they can believe and still be Christians. The truth is, those lies are diametrically opposed to Christ's gospel!